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    Our Story

    Our Story
    We are the ultimate dietary supplement company making products designed exclusively for trans women, and their special nutritional needs. When you are transitioning, your body goes through a lot of mental and physical stress. We formulated FEMINIZE with a special combination of essential nutrients and herbs, to give your body the required support and make your transitioning possible.
    We are a community of thousands supporting each other on their journey to their authentic self!
    As a business owned by a transgender couple, it is a honor to serve this fellow community. 

    Balance Hormones

    FEMINIZE™ helps your essential sex hormones to be balanced, so you can successfully and smoothly transition your gender.*

    Essential Vitamins & Minerals

    FEMINIZE™ contains many essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to meet the unique nutritional needs of trans women.*

    Fast & Private Shipping

    We ship orders within the same day, in a closed package respecting your privacy.

    No Prescription Required

    We do not require any prescription & age limit to purchase our products.