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    Our Story

    FEMINIZE is the ultimate dietary supplement brand making products designed exclusively for trans women, and their unique nutritional needs.

    While we were transitioning as a trans couple, we did a lot of research on what our bodies go through. And one of the things we've learned is that as our hormones change, our nutritional requirements change too. After knowing about this, we started to take random dietary supplements, but they obviously didn’t help. 

    After working with many biologists and gender studies experts, this inspired us to create FEMINIZE, a dietary supplement formulated for trans women. It helps trans women to balance hormones, enhance natural beauty, and combat side effects of HRT and surgeries.

    We are a community of thousands, supporting each other on their journey to their authentic self. And we want to see you join us too!

    Balance Hormones

    FEMINIZE™ helps your essential sex hormones to be balanced, so you can successfully and smoothly transition your gender.*

    Essential Vitamins & Minerals

    FEMINIZE™ contains many essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to meet the unique nutritional needs of trans women.*

    Fast & Private Shipping

    We ship orders within the same day, in a closed package respecting your privacy.

    No Prescription Required

    We do not require any prescription & age limit to purchase our products.