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    FEMINIZEā„¢ is the ultimate dietary supplement designed exclusively for trans women, to help you transition, become more feminine physically & mentally, and meet your unique nutritional needs as a transgender person.*

    When you are transitioning, your body goes through a lot of mental and physical stress.Ā We formulated FEMINIZEā„¢ with a special combination of essential nutrients and herbs, to give your body the requiredĀ support, make you more feminine, and make your transitioning possible.*

    With FEMINIZEā„¢ you can expect to;

    • Increase your estrogen levels
    • Enhance skin, hair and nail health
    • Become more feminine physically & mentally.

    Don't miss out on your full potential to live your true gender identity with FEMINIZE gummies!*

    Absolutely not! We want to help trans women of every age with our line of products. The nutrients inside FEMINIZEā„¢ are all natural and safe for every age.*

    No. FEMINIZEā„¢ is not a prescription drug, and the nutrients inside are all natural and safe for every age.*


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    Balance Hormones

    FEMINIZEā„¢ helps your essential sex hormones to be balanced, so you can successfully and smoothly transition your gender.*

    Essential Vitamins & Minerals

    FEMINIZEā„¢ contains many essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to meet the unique nutritional needs of trans women.*

    Fast & Private Shipping

    We ship orders within the same day, in a closed package respecting your privacy.

    No Prescription Required

    We do not require any prescription & age limit to purchase our products.